Apple iPhone XS

Release Date Oct 26th, 2018

Apple iPhone XS


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Familiar on the outside, hidden treats on the inside. This is the iPhone X, but better.

  • Awesome camera
  • Powerful
  • Top-quality screen
  • Similar to iPhone X
  • Battery life could be better
  • The price, eh?

The Guardian


The iPhone X set a new bar for what an iPhone could be. It was a massive step forward for Apple and put it ahead of many competitors in smartphone design and function.

The iPhone XS maintains the forward-looking design and function, feeling wonderful in the hand, has a noticeably better camera and is still arguably the best phone on the market right now at balancing screen size with usability.

  • Brilliant screen
  • Small body
  • Premium feel
  • Top-notch camera
  • Water resistant
  • Wireless charging
  • Face ID
  • No headphone socket
  • No fingerprint scanner
  • Glass will break if dropped
  • Very expensive
  • No fast charger or USB-C cable in the box
  • No headphones adapter in the box



Everything Apple has to offer, but in a smaller package.

The iPhone XS is a perhaps the most confusing iPhone of 2018. Its display is top-notch, the camera is impeccable, and performance is as fast as you could hope from a tiny handheld computer. Yet, it’s the smallest iPhone out of the new crop, while simultaneously being the second most expensive model.

It delivers on Apple’s (now yearly) promise of being the best iPhone ever.

Digital Trends


The iPhone XS is the most boring iPhone of the year. It’s overshadowed by the massive, 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, and the fresh design of the more affordable iPhone XR, which will arrive in October. But in many ways, the iPhone XS is our favorite. It has a perfectly sized screen that’s usable with one hand, on top of meaningful performance and camera upgrades that make it the best iPhone yet.

  • Gorgeous OLED screen
  • Day-long battery life
  • Smart HDR is impressive
  • Perfect size
  • Beautiful design and build
  • Smooth performance
  • Missing fast-charging cable, charger
  • Headphone dongle
  • Expensive



Don’t be fooled by the “S” label — the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are the best and most powerful iPhones Apple’s ever made.

  • Gorgeous design with premium materials
  • Best-in-class cameras
  • Fantastic screens (especially on the XS Max)
  • Face ID is more responsive
  • Performance still blows the best Android phones away
  • Beyond pricey
  • Battery life is not a huge leap over the X
  • Headphone jack dongle not included
  • No fast charger or USB-C-to-Lightning cable included



Yes, the iPhone XS is the best phone Apple’s ever created, but that’s not really a surprise - it’s the new one. The bigger question is: what’s actually changed, given the design is so similar to last year? Well, the speakers are more powerful and ‘wider’ in sound, the camera has been enhanced with Smart HDR, the battery management is better and the chipset is far more powerful inside. These are all just tweaks though, and it’s smart from Apple to remove the iPhone X from sale, as that would be a far more attractive option this year.

  • Smart HDR helps the camera
  • More powerful again
  • Fast operation in the hand
  • Battery life not world-beating
  • Design not altered in a year
  • Still very expensive

Apple Insider


If you do decide to take the leap up to a more premium handset and go for the iPhone XS, you most certainly will not be disappointed. And if you’re not the type to upgrade every year, the iPhone XS will undoubtedly serve you well for years to come, with its groundbreaking design and formidable hardware built for the future.

This year, the rest of the lineup is taking cues from the groundwork laid by the iPhone X. The iPhone XS isn’t another giant leap — it’s continuing down the path forged by Apple’s brilliant rethinking of the entire iPhone platform, with a significantly improved camera thrown into the mix for good measure.



A faster processor, new Max size and camera improvements make the iPhone XS a compelling upgrade.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max do a great job on their own and they do not disappoint.

If you already have an iPhone X, you probably won’t find a super compelling reason to upgrade to an iPhone XS. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are most compelling for users of iPhones that are older than the iPhone X.

Tom's Guide


The iPhone Xs is an excellent premium phone with superb performance, much improved cameras and a stunning display.

  • Faster A12 Bionic chip
  • Much better cameras in low light
  • New Depth Control for Portraits
  • Gigabit LTE
  • More robust audio
  • Fast charging requires additional accessories
  • Battery life could be better

The Verge


I would not rush out to spend another $999 on the XS if you have a X, but if you’re already deep into a preorder, don’t worry: you will love the iPhone XS. It is, indeed, more iPhone, and it will probably hold up for years to come. I definitely prefer the Pixel 2’s camera, but the iPhone XS isn’t that far behind, and it’s still a significant improvement over previous iPhones.

It’s worth waiting to check out the iPhone XR before rushing into the iPhone XS.